Ten things I’ve learnt being an entrepreneur (& II)

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This is the 2nd part of this post. 6) Be Relevant Sōichirō Honda, founder of Honda, stated: “We focus all of our abilities on being a company that society wants to exist.” Many idolised brands (think Google, Apple, and BMW) belong to this category. Professional service companies tend to be compared by the number of employees and billing per employee…. Read more »

Ten things I’ve learnt from being an entrepreneur (I)

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I was invited by Benjamin and the Spain Startup team to present 10 ideas about my experience as a digital entrepreneur in London. I thought that writing a post would help me structure the points, as they usually do. Here’s my take; I hope you enjoy it. 1) Don’t pay rent – find your place in the world I remember my… Read more »

How the Digital Era is Killing Bad Bosses

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In the era of digital transparency, hierarchies within organizations are beginning to topple over. Young people seek out companies that give them a vital sense of self and of the world – entrepreneurs showing that the pursuit of happiness at work is possible. In this TEDx talk, I discussed how to digitally transform organizations, and the lessons we have learned… Read more »

Innovation through engagement


  Innovation requires you to want to complicate your life. Innovation is coming to work in the morning and telling your boss: “We’ve got to change this. Even though it still works, it won’t for long. I’ll get on it today.” We can imagine the surprised look on your boss’ face: “What are you talking about, man? Get on the… Read more »

The elusive digital transformation of traditional agencies


I read this post published by Rodrigo Reyes, Digital VP of BBDO Sancho – major rivals of our Territorio creativo Colombian offices – and I don’t want to believe that we find ourselves before a naïve analysis. Rather, I believe, we find ourselves before the cries of despair and loneliness from a rider in Comanche territory. Simplifying his lament, Rodrigo comes to blame digital… Read more »