Networks are for interaction


“Networks are not a showcase on which to hang a product, but rather, a phone with which to communicate and interact,” said Fernando Polo, CEO of Territorio creativo, who one of the speakers at the session of the Continuous Education Program on “Social Media.” This was organized by the IESE Alumni Association, and took place on May 2 on the campus of… Read more »

Quality not quantity

Numbers are useful for many reasons, but sometimes, numbers can make us blind. We set objectives, and someone told us objectives must be quantitative. But measuring is not always possible. And qualitative objectives usually become secondary to their quantitative counterparts. Once you have a quantity, everybody turns his head to the big number, forgetting things that are difficult to grasp… Read more »

Managing Innovation

A simple vision for managing innovation via the Harvard Business Review. Innovation will be mantra repeated again and again, in order to get out of the crisis; to address globalization; to survive the turbulent 21st century; to deal with digital disruption, etc, etc, etc. Innovate, innovate. It has filled our mouths. But Spain is only a little innovative. Here is a simple tool for managing innovation, developed by Bansi… Read more »

Social Media Investment

Will social media investment make up 1 in every 5 dollars of the marketing budget in 2015? (USA)     In August 2011, Forrester published a forecast of investment growth in online marketing and social media. A survey was conducted, and responses were received from 270 American marketing directors, from within a sample of 3500 members of the AMA (American… Read more »