#Lidertarios is a book about people, their motivations and the organization of these same individuals in more open and decentralized structures it is. It is a book about “emerging” concepts related to management 2.0, open enterprise, self-management. A book that aims to inspire, through reflections and practical examples provided mostly from a small service company that has grown without cracks in this last four years, thanks to their culture and their desire to establish an open leadership. A culture-based more on the horizontal relationship between people, in a hierarchical structure that imposes the execution of tasks through tight control of each head.

Lidertarians exert their leadership based on a well deserved for their knowledge, experience and spirit of service authority. Leaders driving individual freedom in the service of a cooperative community.

You can download the English e-book here.

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In the period between 2008 and 2011 the number of social network users doubled. 31 percent of them go on Facebook several times a day. In Spain, eight out of ten Internet users use Facebook, 35 percent of whom use Tuenti, dedicating an average of two hours per session. Seven out of ten mobile internet users are connect to a social platform through their device, and 29 percent do so on a daily basis. These figures confirm that social networking is not a fad but already a habit.

The figure of a socialholic is thus profiled, with the authors of this book defining it as a news junkie who feels the need to be constantly informed either through subscriptions or by active search on the web. A person who appreciates the value of sharing in community and exposes himself to others through social media in exchange for learning, recognition, and experience.

This book, the result of over a decade of social media marketing experience by Fernando and Juan Luis Polo, delves into what the new business relationship with the current customer (a “supersocial” and “hyperconnected” being) will be, in the essence of these media and how to monetize the shares on the web 2.0. Through case studies and dozens of interviews with the protagonists of the digital transformation, the authors outline who he is and why we should care about the socialholic, a key figure on the road toward new marketing.

Buy a copy (in Spanish) through Planeta or on Amazon.

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