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Innovation through engagement

  Innovation requires you to want to complicate your life. Innovation is coming to work in the morning and telling your boss: “We’ve got to change this. Even though it still works, it won’t for long. I’ll get on it today.” We can imagine the surprised look on your boss’ face: “What are you talking about, man? Get on the… Read more »

Quality not quantity

Numbers are useful for many reasons, but sometimes, numbers can make us blind. We set objectives, and someone told us objectives must be quantitative. But measuring is not always possible. And qualitative objectives usually become secondary to their quantitative counterparts. Once you have a quantity, everybody turns his head to the big number, forgetting things that are difficult to grasp… Read more »

Telefónica Project Nurtures Start-Ups

The Project: By the end of this year, Wayra will take place in: Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela and Chile. Telefónica’s target is to select 10 projects in each country to back. Each will receive around $30,000 and $70,000 and will be under their wing for six months. In return, Telefonica will take an equity stake in each… Read more »