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The elusive digital transformation of traditional agencies

I read this post published by Rodrigo Reyes, Digital VP of BBDO Sancho – major rivals of our Territorio creativo Colombian offices – and I don’t want to believe that we find ourselves before a naïve analysis. Rather, I believe, we find ourselves before the cries of despair and loneliness from a rider in Comanche territory. Simplifying his lament, Rodrigo comes to blame digital… Read more »

How employees use social media to create open innovation

We defended in Socialholic – our book on Social Media Marketing – that #socialholics are people with an outstanding ability to innovate. The use of social media provides them with three mass innovation weapons: Better and more efficient access to knowledge; Connections that allow them to find alternative ways to pursue their ideas/dreams; Courage; emotional support from relatives, colleagues and their professional… Read more »

More engagement, more sales, more business value

[…] in our Customer Loyalty Engagement Index […] our numbers correlate very highly with positive consumer behavior toward brands. So it’s axiomatic: more consumers behave well toward a brand, a brand sells more, a brand makes more money, its stock goes up. via That’s it. Everyone’s been looking for the ROI of engagement, and it turns out that there is… Read more »