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How employees use social media to create open innovation

We defended in Socialholic – our book on Social Media Marketing – that #socialholics are people with an outstanding ability to innovate. The use of social media provides them with three mass innovation weapons: Better and more efficient access to knowledge; Connections that allow them to find alternative ways to pursue their ideas/dreams; Courage; emotional support from relatives, colleagues and their professional… Read more »

Is social media for activism?

Social Media is for activism… Or is it not? Malcolm Gladwell, a well-known author and journalist from The New Yorker wrote about it some months ago. He said that Twitter is not changing the world and that the engagement of people retweeting revolutions was near to zero. When it comes to playing hard and risking your life in getting some dictator… Read more »

Social Media Growth

Social Media growth (2011-2015), according to Forrester: I always wondered what numbers analysts hide. Even if social media doesn’t experience such major growth in the next five years – because, according to Forrester, mobile’s growing faster – the growth will clearly be significant. There’s a lot more hype for social media than say, email marketing or search advertising. But, why? Because social media… Read more »