Quality not quantity

Numbers are useful for many reasons, but sometimes, numbers can make us blind. We set objectives, and someone told us objectives must be quantitative. But measuring is not always possible. And qualitative objectives usually become secondary to their quantitative counterparts. Once you have a quantity, everybody turns his head to the big number, forgetting things that are difficult to grasp like qualitative nuances and other intangible things.

Our company (Territorio creativo) will have to manage growth from 50 to 100 employees in the near future. When we say that, we don’t refer to the number, but to the “structure”. Managing a group of 100 needs an extra effort in organizational terms. It won’t be the numbers, but the qualitative details, that will bring success to the company. People will say “wow, you are already 100”. People will ask: “how many of you are there?” Nobody asks you about the mission; about how happy you are, doing what you’re doing. Nobody will ask you how people feel in their day-to-day.

Going from 50 to 100 is not a question of quantity, but of quality.

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